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Anthony Clement
March 21, 2022

The Best Akshan Skins in League of Legends

The Best Akshan Skins in League of Legends


Wait... but doesn't Akshan only have 2 skins?

This listing is a little personal for me because even though he's still a relatively fresh champions, I do have some skins I want to highlight. And here they are:

Battle Academia Akshan

Let's begin with the Battle Academia Akshan.

battle academia akshan

Sadly, this isn't available for the PC version; only for the standalone mobile game, Wild Rift. Still, if you do play Wild Rift, which of course we all do, then we can highly recommend getting yourself this skin. I like that this gives Akshan more of a modern look and that it’s so distinct from that almost biblical look that he has by default.

Cyber Pop Akshan

Now let’s get to the skin available for you to use in the normal game.

cyber pop akshan

This one is expensive at 1350 riot points, but Cyber Pop Akshan heals the wounds of how bad the Cyberpunk the game was. Well, kind of…obviously nothing makes up for the disappointment of Cyberpunk, but that said, I did love the aesthetic of the game at least. That's what this skin captures, and that's why I love it.

Classic Akshan

And sadly because there are so few Akshan skins we're going to need to end it on Classic Akshan.

classic akshan

Now, a lot of the community didn’t like the original look when he first came out. Still, we think he looks pretty cool though, he has this whole sexy Indiana Jones vibe going on.

It was a short one because Akshan is so new to the game, but hopefully in a few years we can bring you some more great skins to choose from. Still, this is all you can currently do to maximize the swag value of this character.

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The Best Akshan Skins in League of Legends
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