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March 21, 2022

The Best Aurelion Sol Skins

The Best Aurelion Sol Skins League of Legends


Here are the top Aurelion Sol skins in League of Legends!

Aurelion Sol is a cosmic being. He can destroy stars and create worlds. And in the lore, at least, he’s one of the most significant and influential figures in all of League of Legends. That said, you should consider it an honor to play as Aurelion Sol, and you should put some respect to his name by using great skins when you do. And we mean these specifically:

Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol

Let's start with a Storm Dragon skin that comes with great animations for only 1350 RP.

Aurelion Sol Storm Dragon

However, the real reason you would be buying this skin is that you have good taste, and you know a great look when you see it. Plus, this is probably the most dignified skin for Aurelion Sol, befitting a creature as powerful as he is.

Mecha Aurelion Sol

If you’re seeking something less fantasy and more sci-fi, then Mecha Aurelion Sol skin will be perfect for you.

mecha aurelion sol

The name pretty much sums up the theme here – basically, this is the robotic version of Aurelion Sol. That might be too much for some of you, but we’re sure others are going to really vibe with the full-metal dragon theme.

Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol

We’ve seen the god-like Aurelion, and the robotic Aurelion, but to end our list, we wanted to give something a little demonic!

Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol

So, it’s basically his devilish look, he's the "bad guy". We’re talking fire, red-hot horns, and erupting volcanos; that kind of bad guy. Yep, this is definitely a skin for people that choose the evil option in RPGs that let you be an asshole. 

And between those three skins, we think there’s a little something for everyone! Sure, maybe it's just these three skins, but you can see for yourself – this is the real top of the top.

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The Best Aurelion Sol Skins
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