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March 21, 2022

The Best Brimstone Lineups on Fracture

The Best Brimstone Lineups on Fracture


Here are the best Brimstone mollies for Fracture!

Brimstone, is one of the best Controller agents if you know how to use his abilities correctly. This article will show you just that, so without wasting anymore time, here are the best Brimstone Lineups on Fracture.

Best Brimstone Mollies on Fracture

A Site

Post Plant Brimstone Molly From A Drop

Starting off with Attacking A Site, we have a lineup fired from the bottom of A Drop that lands on A Site.

Stand in the corner at the bottom of A Drop, just by the entrance to A Dish. Aim directly upwards, just above the second small metal bar in the roof above. You should use this lineup immediately after you hear enemy agents defusing as it takes a while to come down!

Post Plant Brimstone Molly From A Hall

Now we will be mollying the default plant spot on A Site from A Hall! Get your teammates to plant behind the steel box in A Hell on A Site and this lineup is perfect. This is a great lineup in post plant situations but be careful of being flanked!

Attacking A Site With Brimstone on Fracture Molly

Locate the line on the wall at the back of A Hall, and back up onto it. Look up at the glass, aim at the same spot you can see on the picture and do a jumpthrow. Before you throw, Brimstone’s thumb should be roughly just to the left of the center of the four glass panels.

A Haven Brimstone Molly from A Rope

Stand next to the box, at the top of the rope in A Rope, and turn and face the entryway. This lineup will need you to crouch shooting the Incediary, so don’t forget to! Aim just above the edge of the wall in front of you, blocking off A Site from your vision.

Brimstone Molly A Site

After firing, the Incendiary should bounce off of a wall just before A Site and land in A Heaven!

B Site

B Cubby Brimstone Molly from B Tree

You want to begin by standing wedged in between the two boxes in B Tree. Aim your crosshair at the corner of the roof in front of you. Then slightly raise your crosshair and fire

Attacking B Site With Brimstone on Fracture

The Incendiary AOE will cover the whole of B Cubby on B Site, meaning you will have time to swing the corners and push up to help your team defend the spike!

B Cubby Brimstone Molly From B Arcade

Aim up at the leaves, specifically the top side of the branch we aim at, and then the second leaf from the end as well. Once you have that, fire the molly.

Brimstone Leaves Molly

The Incendiary will bounce, meaning it covers the whole area surrounding the green boxes on B Site, including the hiding hole on the other side!

B Cubby Post Plant Brimstone Molly From B Bench

For another B Cubby lineup, but this time from the other side of B Site, you will be standing in B Bench to start off with.

B Bench Brimstone Lineup

You will need to aim the top of your left click fire icon on your HUD, after selecting the Incendiary ability at the roof. The point you will need to aim at, is the corner of the panel that has bent and is falling off. This is just below the missing panel’s bottom-right corner.

Molly Fracture Brimstone Cubby

The lineup can be used in a post plant situation, or earlier on in the round, to prevent enemy defenders from holding B Cubby.

That's sadly all we have for you lads! Make sure to also check out the best Brimstone lineups for Ascent, Split, Bind, Haven, Icebox and Breeze!

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The Best Brimstone Lineups on Fracture
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