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March 21, 2022

The Best Fade Lineups on Ascent

The Best Fade Lineups on Ascent


Let's see the best lineup for Fade on Ascent!

Ascent is arguably Fade’s worst map, so knowing your lineups is going to be even more essential to playing effectively. Which are the best lineups on Ascent you ask? Well, you’re in the right place to find out.

Attacking A Site With Fade on Ascent

Lineup #1 (Haunt)

The first lineup is for watching A Link and A Garden from Mid Cubby.

Fade Haunt Lineup A Site

Stand against the second from the right line going down the wall in Mid-Cubby. This lineup is risky as you will expose yourself to enemies lurking in Mid-Link and Mid-Bottom so watch out while attempting this.

Aim at the corner where the walls meet and aim diagonally upwards right into the clouds until your crosshair is loosely in line with the antenna on the right. It doesn’t have to be exact, but it's worth practicing a few times!

Fade Ascent Lineup A Garden

The good thing about this lineup is that it lands in the trees, so it can be difficult to spot.

Lineup #2 (Haunt)

Okay, now let's look at a lineup we can do from A Site when we’re in a post-plant situation.

Stand on the enclosed side of the box on the left side of A Site, then aim at the right of the white mark and go down to about a quarter of the way up the black panel.

Fade Haunt Reveal A Site

You want to turn around and throw the Haunt about halfway between the jutting out stone beam and the wall below. This will take some getting used to so go into a practice game first!

Attacking B Site With Fade on Ascent

Lineup #1 (Haunt)

Our first lineup for the B Site is going to help us watch B Shed from B Main

Fade Haunt Lineup B Shed

Aim at the left-hand side of the fish display on the wall, about halfway up. Line up your crosshair with the bottom of the top of the fish’s mouth along the darker outline. You then want to jump and throw the Haunt!

Lineup #2 (Haunt)

Right, but what about Mid Pizza and Mid Courtyard? Fear not, we have a lineup for that too.

fade mid pizza mid courtyard

Stand in the corner where Mid Catwalk meets the stairs and aim at the end of the small white canopy on the side of the building in Mid Bottom. You then want to run forward a few paces and throw!

The Haunt will land on the roof in Mid Pizza, revealing any enemies who are hiding there or in some of Mid Market.

Defending A Site With Fade on Ascent

Lineup #1 (Haunt)

This lineup will allow you to see if the enemy team is pushing A Site through A Lobby!

fade defenders a site haunt

Lineup against the front of the box in the middle of A Site and aim at the top of the furthest right debris in the cluster in the sky then run, jump and throw. The Haunt lands on a wall, giving vision over A Lobby and A Main.

Lineup #2 (Seize)

Here’s a Seize lineup that can be used from the Back of B Heaven in the connector leading to Defender Spawn. Aim just above the left side of the top railing and throw! 

Fade Seize A Site

The lineup will land in the corner on A Site, by the box. This is one of the most common and popular planting locations for Attackers on A Site on Ascent, meaning you will prevent anyone from planting here whilst your Seize is active!

Defending B Site With Fade on Ascent

Lineup #1 (Haunt)

Now to the B Site! Here’s a cracking one you can do from Mid Market:

Stand in the back left corner of Mid Market and aim at the bottom of the second horizontal beam. Place your crosshair halfway in between the first vertical beam and the fabric sheet then run, jump and throw!

Fade Defending B Site Lineup

The Haunt will land on a roof in Mid Courtyard and will be able to tell you if any enemies are lurking or forcing a push through Mid. 

Lineup #2 (Haunt)

This next one for defending B Site is for when you’re right up on the site itself.

You need to stand to the left of the two green boxes on B Site and aim at the billboard above B Main. Aim into the middle of the billboard, where the furthest brown rock meets the white curve, and then throw it in. 

Fade Ascent Haunt B Site Billboard

This should be a nice and easy lineup that lands in the window and will immediately reveal any enemies pushing from Attacker Spawn on B Side through B Main.

And that's it for this guide! We hope you were able to find some lineups you’ll be able to get out there and start using.

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The Best Fade Lineups on Ascent
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