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March 21, 2022

The Best Fade Lineups on Bind

The Best Fade Lineups on Bind


Here are the best Fade lineups you can use on Bind!

Valorant’s newest Agent Fade will require a lot of lineup knowledge – especially on maps such as Bind. And so to help you play Fade effectively we’ve put together a compilation of the best lineups on Bind in Valorant. Enjoy! 

Attacking A Site With Fade on Bind

Lineup #1

Our first lineup is for the A site, when you’re watching from Short. For this, lineup your Haunt will look over the whole of A Site, and it will land on a roof opposite A Heaven! Just limb up onto the first brick wall.

Aim where the wire and the mysterious long silhouette in the background almost touch, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but try to get it close, so your crosshair is connecting them.

fade attacking lineup a site bind 1

It will spot enemies lurking in A Lamps, A Heaven and at the whole of the back site! This lineup is very valuable as it should be able to reveal the enemies before they can shoot it down!

Lineup #2

Okay next up, a Seize lineup which is best used in combination with the previous Haunt lineup. Imagine you have just thrown the Haunt; if you throw Seize just above this rooftop, it will pop just as the Haunt does as well into A Lamps.

fade attacking lineup a site bind 2

Your enemies will be tethered in A Lamps, meaning peeking enemy agents will not be able to get out of this position, and so will be vulnerable to grenades.

Attacking B Site with Fade on Bind

Lineup #1

Moving on, a great Haunt lineup that you can throw from B Long.

Attacking B Site with Fade on Bind 1

Get right in the corner on B long, just by the teleporter. Then, line your crosshair up with just above the second brick from the left on the wall and as you run and jump forward, throw the Haunt when your crosshair hits the top of the wall.

jump and throw fade b lineup

Lineup #2

Okay, now let's try something from B Short. This is a similar style of Haunt lineup to the previous one, but you cannot always push B Long, right?

Aim to the corner of the building in the distance and go directly until your crosshair hits the wire. This is quite difficult to pull off, especially as you have to have your wits about you with the teleporter right next to you!

Fade Lineup B Short

When landing, it will end up on top of a building on the right-hand side of B site, meaning it will be able to watch over enemies in B Elbow.

Fade Lineup B Short B Elbow

Defending A Site With Fade on Bind

Lineup #1

As you can see here, this first lineup allows us to see if any enemies are lurking behind the truck as it lands on the roof behind it:

Defending A Site With Fade on Bind Lineup 1

And it's very simple to execute. Just run forward and jumpshot the Haunt from this position:

Fade Lineup A Site Defending Jump Shot

Lineup #2

Many players plant behind the truck on the corner of the spike site; this allows them to safely defend from A Cubby and A Short. To stop them, aim your crosshair in the top-left corner of this vent box, and throw. 

Fade A Site Defending Lineup

The Seize bomb will bounce off the wall and land with the truck directly in the middle of its radius. The tether will prevent enemies from planting, and if an enemy Agent already is, it will completely stop them!

Defending B Site With Fade on Bind

Lineup #1

Okay, now let's head over to the B Site, and this first lineup is for Defender spawn:

Fade B Site Defending Lineup

This lineup requires you to stand along this diagonal wall in Defender Spawn, roughly in the middle of the fourth and fifth vertical beams on the wall. This lineup is a jumpshot one and will require a fair amount of practice, but it doesn’t have to be exact every time!

You want to aim your crosshair at the right-hand edge of the dark gray building in the background, then go up until it reaches the bottom wire going across.

Fade How To Lineup B Site Defending

Run forward, then jump and throw when the building you aimed at initially disappears from your view. The lineup will sometimes work if the building is partially visible, but 100% of the time when it is not!

Lineup #2

This lineup is one of the more complex ones, as it will require you peeking before your Haunt has popped. You want to stand by the box in the middle of B site and aim up. Try and get your Haunt to land on the building behind you. 

Fade B Site Bait Lineup

As it is in the air, activate the Haunt as you peek B Garden, this means that enemies will hopefully be trying to shoot your Haunt you threw out. If an enemy crosshair is up in the sky, and you peek them, you should be able to get a free kill!

Okay gang, those were all the best lineups for Fade on Bind. We hope that they will help you win some matches and be sure to check out other Fade lineups:

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The Best Fade Lineups on Bind
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