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March 21, 2022

The Best Fade Lineups on Haven

The Best Fade Lineups on Haven


Here are the absolute best Fade lineups on Haven!

You know what it is guys, we’re here to talk about the best lineups for Fade in Valorant. If you learn these lineups and practice them enough, you’ll never waste your equipment again. And today we’re going to focus on the lineups for Haven.

Attacking A Site With Fade on Haven

Lineup #1 (Haunt)

This first lineup, is to spot peeking enemy agents at the end of A Long. Stand on the back ledge in between the second and third decorated squares from the right.

a site haunt attacking

Aim to the lowest branch from the overhanging tree, into the corner where the branch changes direction. Run forward until your crosshair is at the bottom of the branch, then fire!

Lineup #2 (Haunt)

Okay, gang this next one is another for watching A Site from A Long.

Haunt Fade A Site Attack 2

Aim on the left side of the top rock of the three on the right in the background and run and throw. You want to release when your crosshair roughly meets the wires. This does not have to be specific as it will land on the roof if you are slightly off regardless!

Attacking B Site With Fade on Haven

Lineup #1 (Haunt)

There are not too many lineups for B site on Haven as Fade, unfortunately, but this is this one very good one.

Haunt B Site Attacking

Stand by this vase in Attacker Spawn. Aim at the bottom of the fifth from the right wooden pillar then run and throw. You might need to practice somewhat and make sure you are careful of enemies pushing from A Long or C Lobby if you are using this lineup later into the round. 

The Haunt will land on this roof, which will reveal any enemy agents hiding in the corner at the top of Mid Courtyard, which will reveal any enemies standing and peeking from the entrance!

Attacking C Site With Fade on Haven

Lineup #1 (Haunt)

This lineup will allow you to reveal any enemies who are hiding behind the boxes or in any corners on the C Site

Haunt C Site Attacking Lineup

Aim to the right of the top of the lower rock, your crosshair should be in the middle of the larger rock. You want to run, jump and throw, so it lands on the rooftop. It will give you a lot of intel, so make sure you don’t get shot during this by enemies who are peeking from the back of C site!

Lineup #2 (Seize)

This Seize lineup is similar to the previous Haunt and is quite risky as you have to peek and risk getting shot from enemies watching down C Long!

Seize Lineup C Site

Stand in the same place as before, in the cubby on C Long and loosely aim at the mountain in line with the corner of the building to the left. The Seize will land in the far back corner and tether anyone lurking there!

Defending A Site With Fade on Haven

Lineup #1 (Haunt)

This lineup is very good as it will allow you to see what enemies are pushing A site from the get go.

Haunt Lineup A Site Defending

Stand on the ramp leading from A Site to A Long and aim at the roof at the other end. Run and throw just before you hit the wall directly in front of you.

Fade Lineup Showcase A Site Defend

This is where it will land. As you can see this is in Attacker Spawn and if you use this at the beginning of the round, you will be able to see enemies who are lurking or pushing A site!

Lineup #2 (Haunt)

And now, a retake lineup! If you are rotating through Mid or B Site, use this lineup to help you gather intel on enemies who are holding A Site.

retake lineup fade a site

Stand in the corner of A Link and aim at the wooden beam on the right sticking out. The lineup will just land on the wooden ledge on this wall, meaning that it will be able to reveal enemies all over A Site and in A Heaven and A Hell.

Defending B Site With Fade on Haven

Lineup #1 (Haunt)

Stand on the ledge in Attacker Spawn if you are rotating from A Site and aim at the bottom of the shadow on the left beam next to the window. You want to jump and throw it.

Haunt Lineup B Site Defending

The Haunt will land at the bottom of the stairs in Mid Courtyard and will spot enemies lurking at the top of Mid Courtyard and on parts of B Site. It will also reveal enemies holding and waiting in angles in Mid Doors.

Defending C Site With Fade on Haven

Lineup #1 (Haunt)

Stand in the corner of C Link coming from B Site and aim just above the top rock on the left. Run forward and jumpshot the Haunt when your crosshair hits the rock.

C Site Lineup Haunt 1

This lineup will allow you to reveal all enemies on C Site before they inevitably destroy it! Right, it will get destroyed right away, but it will also give you fast intel.

Lineup #2 (Haunt)

This is a quite risky lineup unless you use it right at the beginning of the round when enemies are not pushing along C Long or C Garage yet.

Line yourself up with the wall whilst standing on the metal platform in the corner of C Long and aim at the top of the leaves. Run forward and throw when your crosshair hits the gap in the leaves

Fade Lineup C Site Haunt 2

This lineup will let you know whether enemies are pushing C Site or not! It is very useful for gathering intel and communicating where the enemy agents are with your team!

Okay, those were our best Fade lineups for Haven, but don’t you worry – we’re going to cover all the Valorant maps, so you’ll be prepared for every situation. We really hope you enjoyed the content and found it useful!

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The Best Fade Lineups on Haven
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