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March 21, 2022

The Best KAY/O Lineups on Fracture

The Best KAY/O Lineups on Fracture


Here are the best KAY/O lineups on Fracture, enjoy!

KAY/O is one of the cooler agents in the game, after all, who doesn’t want to be a fully autonomous killer robot? This guide will show you how to take advantage of your enemies, taking KAY/O’s FRAG/MENT, ZERO/POINT and FLASH/DRIVE abilities to the next level on Fracture.

Best Attacking Lineups For KAY/O on Fracture


Lineup #1 | A Site

Starting off with attacking A Site, you want to begin in Attacker Side Spawn. This ZERO/POINT lineup will scout out lurking enemies in A Rope or A Door! Stand against the line to the right of the door on the wall.

scout out lurking enemies in A Rope or A Door

Make sure you use this lineup at the very beginning of each round, as that is when it is most useful.

Lineup #2 | A Site

If you want to switch it up, then this lineup is from the same starting position, but lands somewhere completely different. Aim your crosshair up into the sky, with the right hand end of the same HUD line just below the light blue light beam.

suppress enemy Agents all over A Site

This is a lot harder of a lineup, but practice makes perfect. You do not need to be incredibly accurate as the ZERO/POINT will land on a large roof. This roof is above A Main and will suppress enemy Agents all over A Site.

Lineup #3 | B Site

Moving over to B Site, but sticking with the attacking theme, you want to start out in the corner by the B Tree entrance from Attacker Side Spawn. This lineup is great at the start of a round to locate and suppress enemy Agents holding B Main!

locate and suppress enemy Agents holding B Main

This ZERO/POINT will land on the roof by B Main, which is very hard to destroy.


Lineup #1 | B Site

Next up, we have a post plant lineup for you! You will be playing off site for this lineup, so you should be relatively safe. Stand in the corner we do in B Arcade - just below the zipwire to B Tower.

post plant lineup

Make sure your team plants in the cubby on B Site, so you can use this lineup every time you plant on B Site!

Best Defending/Retake Lineups For Kay/O On Fracture


Lineup #1 | A Site

This FLASH/drive lineup will help you in a retake situation You need to aim into the furthest away corner of the hole in the roof of A Link, then run and jump throw. This might take you a few tries, we know it did for us!


Make sure to practice this one in custom games first, as if you get it wrong, you will blind your allies! The FLASH/drive will explode just above the roof, blinding any enemy Agents looking towards A Link – so make sure you swing it!

Lineup #2 | B Site

When you are defending B Site, it is a very good time to use your FLASH/drive ability, so we have two lineups for doing just that.


The first is a relatively simple one. You want to stand on B Main, throw the FLASH/drive over the wall to your left, preferably when you hear enemy footsteps. Once you have thrown it, swing the corner into B Tree at the bottom of B Main. The flash should have exploded above the B Tunnel entrance, so all enemy agents should be blind as they will have had very little time to react. This means free kills for you!

Lineup #3 | B Site

For our final lineup of the article, we have a technique called a pop flash. This is a trick that all the best KAY/O mains use in tight scenarios. Fracture is notoriously a very tight map, so where better to learn it!

pop flash

Stand in the cubby on B Site and use your right-click throw with your FLASH/DRIVE at the top of the stairs. This will blind any enemy agents pushing up B Main and you can easily swing and get a kill!


Lineup #1 | A Site

Stand in the corner at the bottom of the A Drop ramp and aim at the corner of the building in front of you. Once you throw, the grenade will bounce off of the wall on A Site by the stairs, and land in A Hell.

force enemy Agents out of A Hell

This will deal damage and force enemy Agents out of A Hell, hopefully for you to kill! Just make sure you clear A Drop first!

KAY/O does not only get to play on Fracture, he can play on every map in the game. This means you KAY/O mains and Terminator fans will need to know lineups for these too. We’ve got you covered with full lineup guides for KAY/O on Pearl, Haven, Icebox, Bind, Ascent, Breeze and Split!

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The Best KAY/O Lineups on Fracture
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