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March 21, 2022

The Best Raze Lineups on Ascent

The Best Raze Lineups on Ascent


All top-notch Raze lineups on Ascent in one place!

Ascent is a very popular map amongst professional players within Valorant, so we have compiled some of their favorite Raze lineups, enjoy!

The Best Boom Bot Lineups on Ascent


Lineup #1 | A Site

Defenders often rush into A Wine to lurk and kill your pushing allies, but with this Boom Bot, you can easily and safely clear A Wine.

a site boombot lineup
Boom Bot

Aim at the smaller shadow on the wall in A Main and line up your Boom Bot indicator with the right hand wall.

Lineup #2 | B Site

This Boom Bot will clear B Main and B Boat from B Lobby.

This is a riskier Boom Bot as it might get destroyed, but if you can get your team to smoke off the entryway from B Main, the Boom Bot can surprise enemy agents in B Boat.


Lineup #1 | A Site

The Boom Bot will clear the whole of A Main.

Boom Bot straight into A Main
Boom Bot straight into A Main 2

Most Raze players throw their Boom Bot straight into A Main from the entrance on A Site, but these normally get destroyed instantly. This lineup has the Boom Bot bounce at an angle where it will head straight for enemy Agents!

The Best Paint Shells Lineup on Ascent


Lineup #1 | B Site

Our first Paint Shells lineup is for Mid Market from B Main!

Mid Market from B Main

This is a very good place to throw your Paint Shells, as they will force the enemy lurking there to move!

Lineup #2 | Mid Pizza

Mid Pizza is a very common angle for enemy agents to play in, as it gives a good view over enemies pushing through B Link, and we have a lineup for that!

Mid Pizza


Raze Mid Pizza

Stand in the right hand corner of the Mid Courtyard and B Link entryway. Line up the opposite wall with the edge of the generator behind it. Place your crosshair at the top of the building in the distance, then run and throw!


Lineup #1 | A Site

Although most Raze players like to play aggressive and at the front, with this Paint Shell lineup, you don’t necessarily have to.

explode just over the entryway from A Lobby to A Main

This lineup will explode just over the entryway from A Lobby to A Main, which is a chokepoint. This means it should damage multiple enemies in a small area if they are pushing!

That would be it for this guide. However, you Raze mains definitely need lineups for more maps than just Ascent, so we have full, detailed lineup guides for every other map in the game; these include Pearl, Bind, Haven, Icebox, Fracture, Breeze and Split.

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The Best Raze Lineups on Ascent
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