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March 21, 2022

The Best Raze Lineups on Fracture

The Best Raze Lineups on Fracture


Check out the best Boombot and Nade lineups on Fracture!

This time, we are coming with the best Raze lineups for Fracture in Valorant! These lineups will cover Raze’s kit as a whole but, more specifically, focus on her Boom Bot and Paint Shells. Without further ado, let's go.

Best Boombot Lineups on Fracture

Lineup #1 (A Dish)

Starting off with Attacking Boom Bot lineups, our first lineup will clear A Dish from Attacker Side Bridge!

Best Boombot Lineups on Fracture

A Dish is hard to clear as enemy agents can hear you coming unless you sneak. They also have two sides of the dish they can peek from or retreat back to A Drop! This lineup will clear all of the angles around A Dish and allow you to safely push towards A Site.

Lineup #2 (A Main Brown Box)

Our second Boom Bot lineup takes us over to the other side of A Site. Start in Attacker Side Spawn, by the entrance to A Hall and stand at the top of the ramp, against the wall. Aim at the teal rectangle, on the left hand side and fire!

A Main Brown Box

The lineup will clear all of A Hall, including behind the brown boxes, as well as A Main. This will allow you to scout out any enemy agents lurking behind brown boxes with an Operator ready to snipe you! Just tell your teammates to wait five seconds before peeking!

Lineup #3 (A Door And Close)

Moving onto the third lineup of the article, this Boom Bot lineup will clear out enemy agents lurking near A Door. Sometimes enemies will play close A Door to surprise your team when pushing.

A Door And Close

A Door is a notoriously hard area to clear out due to the coverage from the brown boxes, but this lineup will clear out both sides of A Door without you having to peek!

Lineup #4 (B Site Canteen)

Moving over to B Site now, we have a lineup to clear out B Canteen – a very hard area to clear! This is because when you are pushing, enemy agents can lurk in B Generator and B Canteen, ready to pounce! This boombot will make your life easier by clearing the entrance of B site and canteen. 

B Site Canteen

You first want to stand on the corner of the wall at the B Main entrance. Then aim at the bottom left corner of the poster on the opposite wall at the top of B Main and drop!

Lineup #5 (B Arcade)

Lineup #6 (B Main)

This Boom Bot will clear the whole of the lower box area, by the B Tower zip wire. You can use this Boom Bot from the safety of B Bench too! This means your team has one less area to worry about when pushing B Site!

B Main

In order to add this lineup into your repertoire, stand against the box in B Bench as we do. Slightly line up the Boom Bot indicator below the massive patch of the animated screen without mold!

Best Paint Shells Lineups on Fracture

Lineup #1 (A Dish)

Moving onto lineups for Razes’s Paint Shell, this lineup will rain damage on enemies from above! This is perfect for defenders that are overwhelmed by rush attacks coming from A dish. 

A Dish

To use this lineup, stand on the A Link side corner of the structure in Defender Side Spawn. Aim at the oval shape outline in the roof, just above A Link, before the Yellow and Black painted trim to the gap in the roof and throw. The Paint Shell should go through the roof and explode above A Drop.

Lineup #2 (A Site Left Side Default)

For our final lineup for Raze on Fracture, we will be covering A Hell. This is very good for attacking or defending. If enemies are planting, this will prevent them from doing so, or alternatively, it will force defenders out of A Hell! The only drawback of this lineup is that it does not work if enemies plant in A Heaven.

A Site Left Side

To pull off the lineup, you must be positioned in A Ropes. Avoid fully peeking, so you don’t get exposed, you just need to see the two metal pipes on the wall above A Hell. Place your crosshair by the gap in the left pipe and throw! This is an easy lineup, and you can do it pretty consistently!

That will be it for this guide. Luckily for you guys, we have more articles with Fracture lineups for Killjoy, Viper, KAY/O Sova, Brimstone, Phoenix and Fade.

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The Best Raze Lineups on Fracture
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