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March 21, 2022

The Best Viper Lineups on Ascent

The Best Viper Lineups on Ascent


The best Viper lineups on Ascent in one place!

Here's the only guide you will ever need to master Viper lineups on Ascent including Viper’s Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen and Snake Bite

Attacking A Site With Viper on Ascent

Snakebite Lineup #1

The first Viper Ascent lineup we have for you today is one for Attacking A Site. This is one of the most useful Viper lineups when you are in a post plant situation as it will prevent the enemy team from defusing! When using this lineup, you can play in a safer position.

Attacking A Site With Viper on Ascent Snakebite Post Plant

You want to stand right in the back corner of A Lobby and aim the top of the fire Snakebite icon on your HUD with the dark gray line on the building. It will land just in front of Generator on A Site! 

Snakebite Lineup #2

Our next lineup is similar to the previous one and is very good in post plant situations. You need to stand in A Main, by the geen boxes and fire the Snake Bite. Aim at the rubble, as you can see in the picture, in the top left corner of the stone and fire!

Best Snakebite Lineup Ascent

Enemies will have no idea where you are, and it is good to chop and change with the previous lineup to keep your enemies from pre-firing angles!

Toxic Screen Lineup #1

Moving onto Toxic Screen lineups, we will be starting with attacking A Site. The lineup will cut A Site in half and will block the vision of enemies in A Tree, A Heaven, A Hell and A Back Site.

toxic screen best ascent lineups

This Toxic Screen will make pushing A Site so much easier for your team.

Poison Cloud Lineup #1

This lineup will make it incredibly difficult and risky for the enemy team to push A Site from A Main. It is useful as the one-way smoke allows you to play from different positions to secure kills!

Poison Cloud Ascent How To

Stand on the left-hand side at the top of the stairs and aim at the top of the horizontal wall in the archway. If you throw the Poison Cloud canister during buy phase, the barrier will still be up, and you can aim where the barrier and wall meets for an easier time!

Poison Cloud Lineup After

Attacking B Site With Viper on Ascent

Snakebite Lineup #1

This next lineup is the most used Snakebite lineup on B Site, and it will land on the default plant position for B Site. Firing from B Lobby, stand in the corner by the octopus wall and line up your HUD between the two windows at the top of the left building and fire!

Attacking B Site With Viper on Ascent Snakebite

You will be very safe as you are nowhere near B Site and can prevent a defuse without even being there!

Snakebite Lineup #2

Another lineup for the default plant position for B Site, but it is an easier lineup to learn. For this one, stand against the wall in the B Main doorway exiting onto B Site. You want to place your crosshair just above the roof, on the part of the tree you can see and throw!

Attacking B Site With Viper on Ascent Best Lineup

You will rarely find yourself in the position to use this lineup, but it is always good to have! Stand on the left side of the wall entering B Site and aim at the air conditioning unit, then fire!

Poison Cloud Lineup #1

Moving on, a great one way for the B Site:

Poison Cloud Lineup  B Site Ascent

Stand against the doorway from B Main to B Site we mentioned earlier on the left hand side, and aim at the bottom of the lamp opposite you. You then want to jump throw and use your right-click for a weaker throw!

Jumpthrow Smoke Ascent Viper

Toxic Screen Lineup #1

This Toxic Screen can be used when attacking or retaking on defense and blocks vision from Mid Market! This means you will have a far easier time pushing onto B Site and have one less entryway to worry about! Aim just to the right of the top of the arched doorway on B Main/B Link and fire.

Toxic Screen Lineup B Main B Link

There you have it, the only Viper Ascent lineup guide you will ever need to learn! Make sure to also check out other lineups for this map for KAY/O, Raze, Fade, Phoenix, Sova, Brimstone or Killjoy.

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The Best Viper Lineups on Ascent
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