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March 21, 2022

The Best Viper Lineups on Bind

The Best Viper Lineups on Bind


Let's dive into the best Viper lineups on Bind!

Viper is one of the best Controllers on Bind, with her ability kit allowing her to have a big impact on the defensive and attacking side. As a Controller Agent, Viper's job is to make it easier for her team to take control of certain parts of the map, and she does that very well on Bind. That said, let's check out the best lineups you can perform with her on this map!

Playing on A Site With Viper on Bind

Lineup #1 (Snakebite)

This lineup will make it a lot harder for enemy agents to defuse the Spike once your team has planted on the A Site. It can be a round-winning lineup and shows why Viper is a very useful Agent to have in any team composition.

viper post plant lineup bind

You want to start in A lobby and climb the box to the second level near the wall, just in front of the garden. You should then aim in the sky where our crosshair is and perform a left-click normal throw.

Lineup #2 (Snakebite)

For our next lineup we will show you another one of Viper’s many great molly lineups. This one is for the plant spot next to the boxes on A Site. One of the reasons it works is because usually when you plant in this position enemy players, will expect you to play from inside bathrooms. 

Viper Molly Throw

You will also be in a safe position, allowing you to easily reposition if you need to, making it even harder for the enemy team. And it's easy to perform – to pull off this lineup, just stand on top of the barrel close to the entrance to A Short, line up the letter of your ultimate HUD, and then throw!

Lineup #3 (Poison Cloud)

Moving on, a Poison Cloud lineup that will block the vision of the A Heaven. It's an annoying one to play against and can help your team enter the site much easier.

attacking heaven bind viper
Smoke Viper Bind Heaven

You will want to stand in the corner near the stairs in A Lobby, then line up your HUD with the pipe on the edge of the building to make a T-shape and then throw!

Lineup #4 (Poison Cloud)

However, if you hate that A Heaven player even harder, be sure to check out this lineup:

Viper A Heaven Smoke

Stand on the edge of the raised corner near the stairs of A Lobby, aim your crosshair at the bottom of the triangle on the building in the distance, as you can see on your screen, and jumpthrow!

Lineup #5 (Toxic Screen)

This Toxic Screen will block the enemy team’s vision of the left side of the A Site.

Toxic Screen Viper Bind

You want to stand in the corner on the raised platform and aim at head height at the wall in front of you. The lineup covers a significant part of A Site, meaning that if you are pushing along A Cubby, it is easier for you to enter the site and gain control of the plant zone.

Lineup #6 (Posion Cloud)

Let's go with something more defensive now – a One-Way smoke for the Bathrooms.

poison cloud bathrooms viper

This lineup will stop the enemies’ rush from bathrooms, forcing them to take a different approach. Stand in the corner by A Bathrooms and aim how you see in the picture. After throwing, the Poison Cloud will stay on the top of the doorway and give you a one-way smoke!

viper poison cloud one way a site baths

Playing on B Site With Viper on Bind

Lineup #1 (Snakebite)

This post plant Snakebite lineup is the easiest lineup to pull off in this listing. If you are in a 1v1 situation, the defender will have to check a multitude of angles, so you will be easily able to throw the molly.

Viper lineup bind attacking b

Just stand against the left side wall near the teleporter in B Long. Then line the very left end of the HUD white line with the corner where the walls hit, and proceed to throw!

Lineup #2 (Toxic Screen)

Toxic Screen lineup for B Site that blocks the enemy team’s vision from B Elbow. Stand halfway up B Long and aim at the wall in front of you as you see in the picture:

Toxic Screen Viper B Site

You want to aim at the bottom of the red triangle in the wall. This lineup forces the enemies to reposition from B Elbow or play aggressively passing through the Toxic Screen. 

Lineup #3 (Toxic Screen)

This Toxic Screen covers the two entryways to the B bombsite that attacking enemies can come from. It is the best wall to gain control of A Hookah, or at least make the enemies reconsider attempting to gaining control of the area. 

Toxic Screen Defending B Site

Stand in the left corner by B Garden on B Site and aim into B Garden at the wall. The Toxic Screen forces enemies to pass through it or wait it out in order to enter B site from B Window.

And that's all for this guide! We hope that your Toxic Screens and Poison Clouds are now going to ruin every round for your enemies every time you play on Bind.

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The Best Viper Lineups on Bind
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