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March 21, 2022

The Best Viper Lineups on Breeze

The Best Viper Lineups on Breeze


Here are the best Viper lineups on Breeze, enjoy!

Considered one of the better agents on Breeze, learning these Viper lineups will make your games a breeze. So, without further ado, let's get into them!

Attacking A Site With Viper on Breeze

Lineup #1 (Snakebite)

Starting with attacking lineups, we have a Snakebite lineup for A Site for a default plant position. This one will make it incredibly difficult for enemies to defuse.

Attacking With Viper on Breeze Lineup Snake Bite

Stand on the rock in A Lobby, by the entrance to A Cave and aim at the leaf, and then fire! This lineup is best used in post-plant situations and is a very safe one to know!

Lineup #2 (Snakebite)

Moving onto the second lineup, we have another post-plant Snakebite lineup for A Site. This will give you a variety to prevent your enemies from pre-firing angles!

post-plant Snake Bite lineup for A Site

Stand against the edge of the wall by the entryway to A Lobby, then aim the fire part of your Snakebite HUD with the left of the tower then fire!

Lineup #3 (Toxic Screen)

Toxic Screen lineups are up next, and the first one we have for you is a very easy one to help your team push onto A Site.

Toxic Screen lineups

You need to stand against the barrels in A Lobby by the zipwire and fire into the wall at head height. This will block Back Site enemies’ vision and give your team an easier time pushing onto A Site. This can also be used when playing retake!

Attacking B Site With Viper on Breeze

Lineup #1 (Snakebite)

Moving over to Snakebite lineups for B Site, we have one for the default plant position here too! This is a very useful post-plant lineup, as you can rotate and watch Spike if you need to.

Attacking B Site With Viper on Breeze

Stand against the wall in Mid Cannon (by the lowest watermark) and aim the 100 from your passive bar up with the cannon and fire!

Lineup #2 (Toxic Screen)

Moving over to B Site for Toxic Screen lineups, this lineup will allow you to push onto B Site and prevent enemy Agents from rotating from Mid Top and Defender Side Arches.

best viper lineups

Aim at the top of the right wooden plank in B Elbow against the wall and fire! Whilst you will still need to take site, this is a really good Toxic Screen lineup for reusing when you need to defend the site in a post-plant situation!

Defending A Site With Viper on Breeze

Lineup #1 (Poison Cloud)

This is the best Poison Cloud lineup for when you are defending A Site or in a post-plant situation.

Poison Cloud lineup

The smoke creates a one-way smoke that will give you vision of your enemies before they see you. Stand on the right-hand side of the ramp to Mid-Doors from A Site and right-click jump throw at the top of the doorway!

Defending B Site With Viper on Breeze

Lineup #1 (Toxic Screen)

Stand in the right hand corner at B Back and aim at the far wall and fire!

Defending B Site With Viper on Breeze

The lineup will block off B Main and B Elbow, make it a lot harder for enemy agents to push!

Lineup #2 (Toxic Screen)

This one will completely block off Mid Top and Mid Doors from any enemy Agent pushing Mid or B Elbow.

block off Mid Top and Mid Doors

Stand in B Tunnel, looking out towards Mid Top and aim at the wall in front of you, then fire! This will really help your teammate defending Mid and they will thank you for it!

If you want to learn more lineups on Breeze, we have full guides for other Agents: Raze, KAY/O, Sova, Brimstone, Killjoy, Phoenix and Fade!

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The Best Viper Lineups on Breeze
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