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March 21, 2022

The Best Viper Lineups on Icebox

The Best Viper Lineups on Icebox


Here are the best Viper lineups on Icebox!

Viper can provide bucket loads of value both attacking and defending on Icebox, with her Toxic Screen being one of the best defensive tools in the game. On Icebox Viper is an excellent agent who can lock down B Site when defending and helps her teammates control the map. Especially with her Toxic Screen, which excels on such a small map like Icebox. So, without further ado, let's look into the best Viper lineups on Icebox!

Best Snakebite Lineups on Icebox

Lineup #1 | A Site

Starting off with Attacking Viper Lineups, we will be utilizing Viper’s Snakebite for the first one. This is a very easy and safe Snake Bite lineup that will land on the default plant spot and is one of the most useful Viper lineups when attacking A Site!

The Snake Bite damage should be enough to prevent your enemies from defusing the Spike after your team has planted. Just stand on the box in A Belt and aim to where the crosshair is placed, just to the right of the lower triangle on the wall, and throw!

Lineup #2 | A Site

Next up is a lineup that is also relatively easy to pull off.  This is because if you plant a bit further out from the default plant spot,  the spike is in an open location, which makes it even harder for the enemy team to defuse. The damage makes defusing almost impossible.

Viper Snake Bite Icebiox

You want to stand where the electric wire on the ground in A Main curves and then aim at where our crosshair is, just below the orange zip wire and fire!

Lineup #3 | B Site

Retaking B Site is already very hard for the defending side, and this Snakebite lineup makes it even harder. 

Attacking B Site With Viper on Icebox

To perform it, go and stand in the corner, close to the B Green container in B Cubby. Then you should aim in the corner of the crane above and throw, simple as that.

Lineup #4 | B Site

Next up, a post plant lineup that you can throw from Mid:

Snakebite Post Plant

You want to go to Mid Blue near Attacker Spawn, stand in the second box, and then lineup up the middle of your HUD, with the base of the orange tower as you can see then throw!

Best Poison Cloud Lineups on Icebox

Lineup #1 | A Site

This lineup is a useful Poison Cloud to block enemy vision from Back Site, forcing enemy agents to reposition.

Poison Cloud to block enemy vision from Back Site

Stand on the grill on the floor near A Nest and aim at the corner of the dark gray patch you can see on the roof - you can watch how we do it if you are struggling! This will make it a lot easier for your team to gain control of A Site!

Lineup #2 | B Site

This Poison Cloud completely blocks enemy vision from B Nest on B Site.

blocks enemy vision from B Nest on B Site

To pull off this lineup, stand next to the oil barrel by the boxes near B Green and B Cubby. Then line up the bottom of your left-click throw icon on your HUD and throw.

Lineup #3 | B Site

The lineup allows you to choose between holding either the left or right side of B Main.

As it is a one-way smoke, enemies won't be able to see you, and you have the angle advantage over them. Aim at the edge of the container where the crosshair is, and perform a jump throw (right-click).

Best Toxic Screen Lineups on Icebox

Lineup #1 | A Site

Now moving over to Toxic Screen lineups, we have the most popular lineup for attacking A Site. It will block enemy vision from both A Rafters and A Screen, which will subsequently give your team an easier time taking control of A Site.

block enemy vision from both A Rafters and A Screen

Stand by the boxes in the corner near A Nest and fire directly at the wall in front of you at about head height and just launch the screen. It's very simple to execute, yet very effective.

Lineup #2 | B Site

This lineup will block enemy vision to the front of B Site, and is best used in a post plant situation. 

post plant screen

Stand in B Cubby and aim at the gray wall in front of you to block off B Garage and force enemies to walk through the wall or wait if they want to push back onto B Site that way! It will also block off mid from Attacker Spawn!

That's it for this guide! However, we have a load more lineups for Valorant agents on Icebox for you to learn to take your game to the next level, including the likes of Raze, KAY/O, Sova, Brimstone, Phoenix, Killjoy and Fade.

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The Best Viper Lineups on Icebox
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