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March 21, 2022

The Hottest Skins in Fortnite

Hottest Skins Fortnite


Top up your V-bucks, sit back, and enjoy our rundown of the hottest Fortnite skins.

Epic Games is absolutely shameless when profiting off their teenage, hormone-addled audience – so we’ve got some seriously spicy skins to pick from. These are the skins that make you want to wander off into the Greasy Grove for some alone time.

Ariana Grande

You know she's going to be on this list anyway, so we might as well start with it – Ariana Grande!

Hottest Skins Fortnite Ariana Grande

She's one of the celebrities that done some work with Epic Games in the past; you get a glider and a harvesting tool with this skin, but let's be honest. That's not why anyone's buying it. And it's also not because we listen to her music so much.

Catwoman Zero

Next up, a slightly darker and more twisted fantasy – a Catwoman Zero skin.

Hottest Skins Fortnite Catwoman Zero

One of the most infamous femme fatales in comic book history. She appears, as always, in a full-body catsuit, but this little number is going to set you back at 1200 V-Bucks. And if this outfit wasn’t sexualized enough, she also comes equipped with a whip. So yeah, you should be able to surprise a few of your enemies, if nothing else.

Renegade Raider

This is a very old skin, but it’s remained relatively popular since Season One.

Hottest Skins Fortnite Renegade Raider

While this isn’t the most revealing or obviously hot skins, we’re some of you out there will favor it over the more…distasteful female skins. As you can see, the renegade rider goes for a kind of post-apocalyptic aesthetic. I could see her pod-racing on Tatooine, or catching a few drinks in the Cantina.

Harley Quinn

Let’s head back to the world of comic book hotties with Harley Quinn.

Hottest Fortnite Skins Harley Quinn

This character is another prominent sex symbol, and it’s no different in Fortnite. She appears as she always does, in shorts and sexy ponytails. She’s one of those characters that would probably fall off the map if Fortnite was a first-person game, but gamers will be gamers.


Aloha, it’s the CIA Operative Doublecross in beachwear.

Hottest Fortnite Skins Doublecross

It's clear that this skin was inspired by one of Bond-girls, perhaps Domino or Pussy Galore. The idea here is that she would distract an opponent, then turn on them with lethal force. But however you want to justify it, it’ll set you back 1200 V-Bucks, so make sure it really is your favorite from the list.

Beach Jules

Next up, an Instagram Influencer named Beach Jules, who traveled to Fortnite in the hopes of becoming a formidable warrior.

Hottest Fortnite Skins Beach Jules

She’s one of the skins on this list that feels slightly questionable because they’re clearly modeled on someone so young, but in Epics defense, the outfit is clearly less sexual than the others. If you’ve ever wanted to become an Instagram star, this is your chance.


Let's move to something spicier. Demi is one of the many partly robotic characters in Fortnite.

Hottest Fortnite Skins Demi

And definitely the hottest. Demi is wearing a Glimmering Red Dress and Shadow Stockings. And again, it looks like a girl from a James Bond film, but she'd probably be on the villain's side.


Yee-ha, let’s end on a cowgirl – the Rustler skin from a Wild Frontier Set.

Hottest Fortnite Skins Rustler

Rustler actually does have quite a cool; combat-ready, but still cool. But let’s be honest, it’s the short-shorts and blonde hair that a great many players are buying her for. So, if you prefer, the independent, rancher type, then Rustler might be the girl for you. 

Alright, that’ll do it for today. If you’re looking for a hot female skin to flex on your opponents, then we hope we’ve helped. Have a good one, and consider looking into our other articles about the best skins in Fortnite.

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The Hottest Skins in Fortnite
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