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March 21, 2022

How To Change Crosshair in CS:GO?

How To Change Crosshair in CS:GO?


Check out these three methods to change your crosshair in CS:GO!

Some FPS games don't have a Crosshair which makes aiming much harder, especially for players who don't have much experience with shooters. CS:GO makes it easy for players to learn how to aim better. There are also variations of the Crosshair, so you can customize your UI to find the perfect one that suits you.

Method 1: In-Game Console

The “Console” is an in-game tool typically only available to PC gamers; it allows players to enter commands to alter the gameplay somehow. And so, it also lets you change your crosshair.

CSGO Console Crosshair

Sadly, while it's possible to change your crosshair this way, it can be a little annoying. Each command needs to be typed in separately and manually, so this does take up quite a bit of time. Not something you can do mid-match.

How to change your CS:GO Crosshair settings via console and commands?

  1. Open Console: Press the Tilde Button (~). If it doesn't open, you can alternately set a key bind.
  2. Once the console is open, just type the Crosshair Command you want to add or try.

There are plenty of other things you can do as well, such as changing the thickness, color, gap size, transparency, and more. They all require their commands as well.

Method 2: In-Game Settings

If you don't feel safe changing the crosshair through the console then you can also use the in-game settings to modify it. This method is accessible to everyone, and it is pretty easy to use, but it's much more limited. There aren't many options for you to select from here.

CSGO Crosshair Settings ingame

How To Change Your Crosshair via In-Game Settings?

  1. Launch CSGO
  2. Open the Game Settings
  3. Go to the subsection "HUD"
  4. You're good!

Method 3: Crosshair Generator Maps

If the other methods aren't to your liking or feel too daunting, you can also use a Crosshair Generator Map to select the one you'd like.

CSGO crashz crosshair map

While others are available, we will focus on CrashZ' Crosshair Generator v3 as they are well-known in the community. Here's how you access it:

  1. Go to this Steam Workshop Page
  2. Subscribe to the Workshop item but clicking the big green button
  3. Launch the Crosshair Generator map offline with easy bots
  4. Select the crosshair you want and test it out on the bots

For this particular map, you can buy any weapon you want to try with before moving over to the Crosshair Manager which lets you customize it. To "click" the options you need to shoot them. If you don't have any custom Crosshairs already, then you want to just start styling a personal one by selecting one of the five styles you're presented with.

Crashz Crosshair

After making a selection then, you can customize it further by changing a few different things, and the Crosshair Generator Map also lets you select ones used by different CS:GO pro teams.

And that's it for this guide! We hope that you've found yourself a suitable option and your new crosshair will now help you perform even better.

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How To Change Crosshair in CS:GO?
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