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March 21, 2022

How to Share and Watch League of Legends Replays

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Whether you are a coach, or just wish to learn from replays of other people’s games, it’s imperative to know how to share and watch League of Legends replays.

League of Legends replays are a finicky thing at the best of times, as they are connected to the infamous LoL Client and all its issues. When it comes to sharing the replays, something that Riot did not design the game for all that much, it gets even more complicated. Here is a step-by-step process on how to do it!

Watching your own replays is an easy enough matter, but sending them to someone else, for coaching reviews, for example, is a whole different beast. After all, the files are not of the usual kind, and the League of Legends code is even worse. But the starting point is always downloading them.

How to Download LoL Replays

All of your recent matches, including ranked, can be found listed in your Match History. There's also an option here to download the replay file which then allows you to watch it. To replay your League of Legends games, all you need to do is:

  1. Open the LoL client
  2. Go to the Profile tab next to Home
  3. Click the Match History tab that opens up underneath,
  4. Click the download button that’s next to every match.
League of Legends - Download Replay

Note that these games are only viewable until the next League of Legends patch. As such, you cannot watch games older than the patch League of Legends is currently in, using the LoL client.

How to Find the LoL Replay Folder

After downloading the games, you can immediately watch them with your own Client. However, sharing them is different. That requires you to find the League of Legends Replay files, which you will later upload.

League of Legends - Replays Settings

Here’s how to find your old LoL replays:

  1. Launch the League of Legend Client
  2. Open the Settings
  3. Click the Replays button on the left side of the screen
  4. It will show you the folder locations for Replays and Highlights
  5. Copy and Paste the Replays location into Your My Documents to access the folder

Note that League of Legends Replays and Highlights are two different things, and are not to be confused.

How to share LoL Replays

After you’ve downloaded and found the LoL files, you can now share them with anyone you wish, in any manner of your choosing.

League of Legends -  Replay Upload

Since sharing League of Legends replays is usually done for coaching purposes to learn a new champion, be better at climbing, or are just starting out and need some tips for beginners such as warding and farming, the most often used way is to upload them to an e-mail and send them to the desired recipient:

  1. Open your e-mail
  2. Create a new message
  3. Drag and Drop the Replay File

How to open League of Legends Replay Rofl Files?

If you’ve done the necessary steps, and sent the Replay files, or had the files ent to you, you may have noticed that these are “.rofl” files. These files are designed to be viewed via the League of Legends Client.

League of Legends - Shortcut

However, as these files have been shared by third-party means outside of the League of Legends Client, there are a few steps you must do to watch them:

  1. Open your Local Disk (C:)
  2. Open Riot Games Folder
  3. Open League of Legends Folder
  4. Open Game Folder
  5. Right Click League of Legends and create a Shortcut
  6. Move the Shortcut to Desktop
  7. Drag the Replay file into the shortcut to watch the replay

Once you’ve dragged the replay file into the shortcut, the replay will start automatically and will act the same way as if you’ve started one of your own in the regular Client. Note that all replays, whether you’ve downloaded them yourself or have had them sent to you can only be viewed if they are from the current patch, as anything else can lead to some serious issues.

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How to Share and Watch League of Legends Replays
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