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March 21, 2022

The Best Amumu Skins

The Best Amumu Skins LoL


Here is the crème de la crème of the Amumu skins in League of Legends! 

Amumu is one of the popular Champions in all of League of Legends. He’s a fantastic jungler, and sure, sometimes he falls out of the meta after a punishing nerf, but he always finds his way back. And more importantly, he’s just always looked so cute and friendly, so why not get the fan-favorite some skins he deserves.

Vancouver Amumu

Let's start with a decade-old skin – Vancouver Amumu. Riot Games launched this one to celebrate the 2010 Winter Olympics, as you might have noticed from the color scheme.

vancouver amumu

Now, this isn't the most exciting or flashy you'll find for Amumu, but we wanted to include it because it has veteran status. This is an incredibly rare skin for Amumu since it was discontinued after the 2010 Winter Olympics, and so just having it says a little something about how experienced you are.

Re-Gifted Amumu

But this next skin can be bought, at least when the Legacy Vault is open, and it's only 520 RP!

regifted amumu

This is the somewhat sad, somewhat adorable Amumu skin, which turns him into an unwanted Christmas present. Yep, they were really pulling on our heartstrings with this one.

Pumpkin Price Amumu

Let's look at another holiday-themed Amumu skin. This is the Pumpkin Prince Amumu skin, which turns him into a pumpkin-headed Halloween character.

Pumpkin price amumu

Pumpkin Price Amumu also comes with a range of new animations, including a new recall animation, so you're getting a lot of bang for your buck. And speaking of bucks, this set will cost you 1350 RP in the store, so it's more of an averagely priced skin.

Infernal Amumu

Okay, we've seen cute Amumu, but how about angry Amumu? The Infernal Amumu skin turns him into a little devil. And it's a pretty premium skin with new animations and particle effects, so it's no wonder that this is also priced at 1350 RP.

Infernal Amumu

Out of all the skins for Amumu we have, this is probably the one that plays on the cutesy thing least. That said, if you don't like that aspect of his character, but you still like the playstyle, then this will most likely be your favorite.

Surprise Party Amumu

Okay, but this Amumu, so let's go back to cute. Surprise Party Amumu basically turns his head into a birthday cake.

Surprise Party Amumu

Either you think that's funny, and you love it, or you're just moving along to the better Amumu skins. But we had to include it because some of you will dig it.

Hextech Amumu

Now, of course, Amumu also has Hextech skin. If you've seen these before, you know what you're getting; these skins always turn Champs into mech versions of themselves, and they always go for a neon-blue color scheme.

Hextech Amumu

I'll be honest here, I don't usually like Hextech skins, but this is so cool because it doesn't lose the sense of Amumu's character – he's still the cute little thing he was before.

Pharaoh Amumu

It was only natural for Amumu to get an Ancient Egyptian-themed skin. The Pharaoh Amumu skin depicts him as a mummified pharaoh who's risen from an ancient tomb.

Pharaoh Amumu

The theme fits The Sad Mummy perfectly, though he doesn't look quite so sad with this skin. I have to say, this is probably the very best Amumu skin. Although, you need to wait for the Vault to open to get it.

Little Knight Amumu

Okay, let's end on something super cute and quite unlike the others. This is the Little Knight Amumu skin... and it's basically just that, a knight in shining armor skin.

little knight amumu

He wears plate mail armor with a scarlet plume on top of the helmet. It's an old skin now, dating back to 2011, and it only costs 750 RP from the store.

That was your rundown of the best skins for Amumu in League of Legends. We have included all kinds of skins – cheap, unique, dark, just everything, so we’re confident that each one of you will find something for themselves.

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The Best Amumu Skins
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