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March 21, 2022

The Best Ares Skins in Valorant

The Best Ares Skins Valorant


Here are the top 5 Ares skins in Valorant!

Ares (aka the mini Odin) is one of the dumbest weapons in Valorant. Getting killed by it is so frustrating, especially after it got buffed in Episode 4. And now, you are kind of obligated to have a fancy skin for it, and that's why we prepared this listing of the best skins for Ares.

Singularity Ares

We’ll start with the Destiny-looking Singularity Ares.

Singularity Ares

This one looks mysterious, cosmic, and cool. I love it personally, but it might be too minimalistic for some of you guys. It’s also not the cheapest, and it’s going to cost you 2175 VPs in the Valorant Store. Still, for that price you get an absolutely fire-looking piece.

Infantry Ares

Next up, let's go with something cheaper – the Infantry Ares skin.

Infantry Ares

This one turns ares into a World War 2 style rifle. It will massively appeal to the players who like Valorant’s gameplay but hate the cartoony aesthetic. It lends the weapon grittiness and weight, and it feels damn satisfying to kill with. 

Hivemind Ares

Let’s go to the other end of the spectrum now with the alien-looking Hivemind Ares skin which was added to the game as a part of the Ignition: Act 2 Battle Pass.

hivemind ares

If you don’t have this one in your inventory, then you’re out of luck, as this skin is just so clean. But it definitely looks nice enough to make the list. Moreover, it has the added exclusivity of only belonging to veteran players

Minima Ares

Next up, we’ve got something far less flashy, something more minimalistic.

minima ares

Let's be honest – Minima skins aren't the best but this Ares... well, you have to admit it just really fits the weapon! Plus, it will cost you only 1275 Valorant Points!

Nebula Ares

But we can’t end on the Minima, we’ve got to move to something more exciting.

nebula ares

This has a seriously premium aesthetic, it looks like a skin you would unlock when you’ve completed every other challenge or something. And it's also not that expensive; just 1775 Valorant Points in the store!

Okay gang, that was the top 5 Ares skins available in Valorant. These are the best of the best, and we included a cheaper option too, so everyone should find something for themselves.

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The Best Ares Skins in Valorant
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