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Anthony Clement
March 21, 2022

The Best Classic Skins in Valorant

Best Classic Skins Valorant


Here are the 5 best Classic skins in Valorant!

If you’re a Valorant player, you’re also a Classic player. It’s that simple. Before we get our fancy guns, we’re almost all using the Classic. But why not inject a little excitement into the early game with some flashy skins?

Prime Classic

We’ll start with one you just knew was going to have to make the list at some point.

prime classic

If you've read some of our other articles, you know I'm a big fan of the Prime collection. This is the go-to look if you’ve got good taste, simple as that. It has a timeless white, gold, and purple aesthetic, and it screams "royalty".

Glitchpop Classic

If you want something more cutesy and fun, though, then perhaps the Glitchpop Classic is more your speed.

glitchpop classic

Now this is the most expensive on the list at 2175 VPs, but think about how often you're actually using your classic; quite a bit we’d guess. And if you’re a fan of the neon-cyberpunk aesthetic, this is your best option in the game right now, so it’s worth the points.

Spline Classic

So far, we’ve had a majestic skin, a colorful skin, and now it’s time for a gross skin.

spline classic

All the Spline skins are meant to look really bodily, as if you’re holding on to pieces of flesh and muscle. And that’s gnarly as hell, but it’s going to be perfect for all the edgelords out there!

G.U.N Classic

Next up, the G.U.N classic, or in other words the Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Classic.

Quite a mouthful. But it’s a very cool skin. It has a kind of retro-futuristic look, like it would be more at home on a 70s sci-fi set than in Valorant. You can purchase the G.U.N Classic skin for 1775 VPs, so it’s about the middle of the pack price-wise.

Final Chamber Classic

We’ll end on something a little classier, and completely free.

final chamber classic

This is the Final Chamber classic skin, which you can only get for completing all the Tiers of the Sage Contract. The Final Chamber skin is one of the few non-upgradeable skins in the game, but you have to admit that you don't actually have to change much about it (especially if you’re a Sage player).

Well, there you have it, folks, a rundown of the top 5 skins available for the Classic in Valorant. We hope you found what you were looking for, no matter how large your wallet is doing nowadays.

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The Best Classic Skins in Valorant
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