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March 21, 2022

The Best Fade Lineups On Icebox

The Best Fade Lineups On Icebox


Here are the best Fade lineups on Icebox!

If you want to use Fade effectively, then you need to know your lineups for each map. Because having certain set positions where you know you can throw equipment from will guarantee none of your utility is wasted in-game. And today in our Fade lineup series, we’re going to be tackling Icebox.

Attacking A Site With Fade on Icebox

Lineup #1

This lineup needs you to stand directly next to the wall leading up to the Ramp in A Belt from Attacker Spawn. It is one of the harder lineups on this map and requires you to be very precise.

Aim at the dark gray line in the wall then raise your crosshair up to where the wall meets the roof. You then want to run forward a step and jump throw the Haunt into the gap at the top of the wall. This is where the Haunt will land: 

Fade Attacking Lineup Icebox

As you can see, it lands in a tiny gap at the top of the wall. With this lineup, you can safely reveal enemy Agents on most of A Site. This includes A Nest and A Rafters as well. 

Lineup #2

Aim at the darker gray line on the side of the hole in the wall. Move your crosshair along to where it reaches the lighter gray area and then run and jump throw the Haunt.

The Haunt lands just on a crack in the wall, meaning it can spot enemies all over A Site: 

Haunt Lineup Attacking A Fade

This is a really powerful lineup as it will Reveal enemies early on in the round, but not for long as it will probably get destroyed.

Attacking B Site With Fade on Icebox

Lineup #1

This is a risky lineup to use, so make sure your team have secured B Yellow before even thinking about attempting it.

Stand on the Container and back your right arm up against this line:

How To Attack B Site Fade Icebox

Aim at the left-hand side of the third strip from the left on the right hazard strip. Then, run forward a step and jump throw!

Haunt Lineup B Orange

The lineup will land up virtually above B Site, meaning you will reveal enemies lurking all around B Site and B Orange.

Lineup #2

Again, we recommend you to clear B Yellow before attempting this lineup. You want to back into the corner and aim in the top-left corner of the two boxes next to B Yellow. You will want to run forward a few steps and throw.

B Site Haunt Attacking Fade

As you can see there is not much room for error as it is a slim beam it lands on. The Haunt will reveal enemies lurking on B Site and in B Nest, as well as in B Orange!

Defending A Site With Fade on Icebox

Lineup #1

Stand to the left of the box at the front of A Site and aim to the inner corner in front of you. Then, jumpshot the Haunt.

Haunt Defending A Site Icebox

As you can see the Haunt lands on the ledge which overlooks all of A Belt and some of the Attacker Spawn, meaning you can figure out if any enemy agents or the enemy team is pushing A Site.

Lineup #2

With this one, you want to aim at the corner of where the cylindrical beam hits the concrete chunk, whilst standing on the stairs out the back from A Rafters. A good tip is to line up the edge of the Nest on A Site with the right-hand edge of the entrance to A Rafters.

Fade Haunt Lineup The Best Icebox Defending A Site

The Haunt will land on the ledge near the broken glass and will be able to see over the whole of A Site, including A Rafters and A Hell. 

Defending B Site With Fade on Icebox

Lineup #1

First, you need to stand on the small dot in the middle of the platform directly out of Defender Spawn.

Defending B Site With Fade on Icebox

You want to aim at the left-hand corner of the dark blue triangle and raise your crosshair up to the same height as the metal vertical beam to the right, then run and jump throw the Haunt!

Fade How To Defend B Site Lineup

The Haunt, if thrown correctly, will give you vision over enemies lurking in Mid or pushing towards B Site, as well as partially over enemy Agents who might be pushing towards A Site.

Lineup #2

For this one, you want to stand on the corner of B Yellow and line yourself up with the edge of the box. This lineup will allow you to get vision similar to the previous B Site defense lineup, but from B Site itself this time.

This lineup is quite tricky, but give it a go! There is a tiny orange ramp in the background – aim exactly where it connects with the closer gray ramp.

Fade B Site Defending Late Game Lineup

It took us a few attempts to get it right so make sure you don’t get killed doing this first time! The lineup will spot enemies who are peeking down past B Green at B Yellow without your team having to peek themselves.

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The Best Fade Lineups On Icebox
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